Roger J. Morin: the Artist's Statement

The Roger J. Morin Art Gallery
102 Court Street, Houlton, ME 04730, (207) 521-0435

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My art involves communication, creativity, and diversity.

Communication is critical to me, since my ideas come from a deeper place than words.

Creativity helps me resolve ambiguity by combining unlike elements and ideas. My basic design heightens this tension by emphasizing unequal proportions.

My painting reflects my own diversity. In addition to being an artist, I am a chess master and a bodybuilder. In my work, I use ideas from all these areas. Further, I chose styles and techniques that fit the idea of each painting rather than fitting the idea to traditional techniques. As a result, my pieces are very different from each other in look and subject, and my style is hard to define in traditional terms.
At five, I began to draw. Formally, I began studying art at 14, and from a variety of sources in the following years, and finally completed the art curriculum at the University of Maine in Augusta. In my paintings, you’ll find events, portraits, still lifes, and landscapes.

Sharing my work is important to me. I welcome your email, calls, and questions, and a visit to my gallery. I hope to create a piece that commemorates your life.

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